Marie Martine Bédard


In short

M Martine  is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who has just returned to the world.  As a rising music figure of the Montreal underground music scene of the 80s and early 90s,  she saw her years of efforts and momentum short-circuited on a beautiful morning of July when she became the prey of a sexual predator.  It was shortly after giving birth to her first son. In 2009 she decided to embark upon a healing journey through music studies with Berklee Online. She obtained in 2014 a Professional Certificate in Guitar and in 2018 a Bachelor Degree of Professional Studies in Songwriting while preparing her new music album, — 9 —, which is part of the interdisciplinary art project "Hippocampus".



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Captivated by the singularity and the beauty of the Sea Horse, Marie Martine started to paint parallels between the hippocampus of the brain, named after the sea horse for its similar shape, and the sea horse.

"The resemblance goes beyond the shape of the sea creature" she says. "Let's talk about the metaphors. One after the other they revealed themselves and enable me to explain rape, and life after rape in a work of art."

Her upcoming music album « 9 » aims to raise awareness about rape, stigmas as well as contributing in making people more empathetic towards the cause of survivors.

"People have to learn to live with respect and in harmony with survivors despite their fragility. There is beauty in everything" says M Martine Bédard.


The Hippocampus project have gathered many talented artists around the globe and is dedicated to all survivors walking the earth of our wonderful planet.