Marie Martine Bédard



I'm on a mission!

I'm on a mission to open people's hearts with the most genuine and engaging musical landscapes as an artist, a songwriter and a rape survivor;

I'm on a mission to celebrate the miracles of life,  sensitize and educate a society, which has been for too long indifferent to the reality of survivors.

If humans are empathetic by nature, culture biases and beliefs get in the way of humans' ability to experience empathy - an unrelenting pressure towards us, survivors, trying to live up to social norms. Our worth is determined by our capacity to forget, to remain silent and live up to expectations until we reach the tipping point. 

I'm on a mission to share my songs to allow us, survivors, families and communities to reframe our excruciating realities in the most beautiful way.   ⏤ M Martine



Biography  ⏤ In short


M Martine  is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who has just returned to the world.  As a rising music figure of the Montreal underground music scene of the 80s and early 90s,  she saw her years of efforts and momentum short-circuited on a beautiful morning of July when she became the prey of a sexual predator.  It was shortly after giving birth to her first son. In 2009 she decided to embark upon a healing journey through music studies with Berklee Online. She obtained in 2014 a Professional Certificate in Guitar.  She is now achieving with the same institution her Bachelor Degree of Professional Studies in Songwriting while preparing her new music album, — 9 —, which is part of the interdisciplinary art project "Hippocampus".





Her paths

M Martine was born and raised in Montreal, a multicultural Canadian city recognized internationally for its vibrant music and arts' communities, an exquisite environment abundant in muses. Similarly, her life experiences are rich and diverge into distinct pathways.
On her first path, her passion for music was cultivated through her love of performing. A journey of enlightenment ensued where societal stigmas and gender biases had to be shattered in order for a female electric guitar player to participate.

While pursuing a modelling career and studying at university, she gave approximately one thousand concerts, produced albums, documentaries, soundtracks and trained her voice extensively with Bel Canto singing lessons. She acquires her first skills in MIDI sequencing and digital recording. She also has the opportunity to work with Canadian music artist Jane MacGarrigle and producer Glen Robinson. During that time, her alliance with music intensified, and her musicianship grew.

On the second fork of the road and as a survivor of trauma, she was dedicated to her growing family and its bioclimatic engineering firm, while simultaneously acquiring skills in computer technology, digital art and sustainable development. She was also a

Green Party of Canada candidate running for office in three federal elections and then subsequently appointed the Quebec Representative on the Federal Council, a group charged with advancing the federal agenda while addressing regional priorities.

Now on the most recent part of her journey, in January 2009, she enrolled with Berklee Online: studying, The

Future of Music and the Music Business. Clearly this buoyed her self-confidence and awakened her desires. She is nowachieving a Bachelor Degree of Professional Studies iin Songwriting and currently working on an interdisciplinary art project.  Her approach will remain committed and intimately related to her experiential reality.


 (M Martine biographical notes)